Thursday, September 18, 2014

New blog. This one is basically defunct for the time being. I may revive it down the line to focus on neoreaction, but it's dead for now. Still on Twitter.


Friday, December 13, 2013

On Obscurantism and Public Relations

[This was primarily inspired by Twitter conversations with Patriactionary and Ross Cunningham]

Neoreaction has a media image problem. Of course, many (most?) would say that this doesn't matter; that anti-egalitarianism must be inherent in our very means of expression. Appealing to the plebs is a tacit betrayal of the Dark Enlightenment itself, and thus should be avoided.

I happen to disagree. As elitist and "Inner Party" oriented as we may be, eschewing any deliberate engagement with outside forces is entirely self-defeating. It's nice to bathe in the masturbatory glow of our own intellect every once in a while, but collaborating with and appealing to proto-reactionary Muggles will be necessary at some point for our ideas to gain traction. Neither a majority nor a plurality is needed for our goals to succeed, but a portion of the populace greater than a couple thousand tech-savvy twentysomethings needs to be read in on What Needs To Be Done. Current non-efforts in this regard are not conducive to anything resembling success.

This isn't to say that we should eschew high-level discussions and our familiar style of writing for mass-market appeal, however. Such things are needed to hash out what exactly we stand for, where exactly are our disagreements and schisms, and what our overall plan of action is (if any?) going forward.

What is needed is such: a two-tier public relations platform, with an Inner Party tier for overall strategy and scholarly debates, and an Outer Party tier focused on recruitment, propaganda, and mobilization.

The upper tier is basically us now, and I see no serious modifications to be made (beyond moving some of the more "critical" discussions to secure IRC platforms or private forums). The lower tier has a few good examples that exist now (Auster, Sailer, Jim, Patriareactionary, etc.). I suspect that as this blog develops, it will fall into this Outer Party category as well.

One last thing to comment upon: whether or not Neoreaction runs with a tiered system or not, plebs will discover us and try to make sense of what we are. If this is all the uninitiated can understand, then we'll be written off as a bunch of weird techno-kooks with Carlyle fetishes (not that we aren't). A conscious, regulated appeal to Gentiles makes a lot more sense than purposeful non-appeal.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Short Manifesto For a Lost People

We are truly soulless degenerates, robbing ourselves of life and home and humanity.

The Jews may have wandered in the desert for 40 years, but for us, it's been centuries. We've killed nearly all that was once true or good or beautiful about us. In these times, it is not nearly enough to be a conservative, because to conserve what we have now is to simply preserve what is outrageous.Enough about standing athwart History. It's time to make our own.

No conservative party has ever defeated the ratcheting effect of progressivism. What is needed now is to disengage the ratchet itself, not to merely pull the lever back. What is needed now us some sort of movement that is utterly alien to the Left. They possess antibodies against both conservatism and standard reactionary impulses; thus, something along the lines of a reactionary hypermodernism is needed. This needs to be the Art Deco of philosophy. There is no going back to the principles of the Republic, or the Empire, or what have you. We can look to these times as an inspiration, but not as an endpoint. Such eras are dead and gone. Only by accelerating past Leftism itself can we succeed.

The Left's fatal mistake (beyond its lack of an actual basis in empirical reality) was to conflate moral progress with technological progress. This is beginning to grow visible today; what with America giving up the stars to pamper welfare queens, and the media's active suppression of any sort of research into race and genetics so as to not hurt the feels of certain ethnic groups. As the Left begins to abandon any shred of rationality, Somebody needs to seize the reigns of science.

What is needed is a relentless drive into the future, grounded by the eternal and triune Principles of Spirit, Evolution, and Market. No nation or movement has prospered long without recognizing the transcendent as ubiquitous and cross-cultural, or the concern for kith and kin, or the universality of catallaxy. By basing the very nature of our faction on these Virtues of Reality made Incarnate, we have a built-in advantage against the Left, the antithesis of Nature itself.

This is hardly a solution, but it certainly is a starting point.